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The following paragraphs address concerns you may have about your online privacy while visiting this site and communicating via email...

Personal Information: All email addresses and other personal information transmitted via email to will be held strictly confidential. This information will not be released to any third party without the permission of the person(s) to whom this information pertains. The only exception to this would be in a situation in which it is communicated, through email or other method, that someone is in danger of bodily harm. In this situation, the information would be given to the proper authorities.

Visitor Statistics: Visitor information may be gathered by site statistics software for the purpose of tracking visitor trends. This information is not specific personal information about a visitor and will not and can not be used to determine a visitors identity or other personal information.

Cookies: Cookies (data written to a visitors computer hard drive related to a particular Web page or Web site) may be used on some pages of this site to allow certain functions or effects to work properly. These cookies will only be used for technical purposes (not to gather any private information) and will be automatically deleted by the visitors browser or operating system when the visitor closes their browser window.

Links and Ads: Any links to external web sites or advertising from external sources (such as banner advertisements) inserted in any Web page are the responsibility of the respective external Web site and/or company. If you are concerned about the privacy policy of any external Web site and/or company, please visit that Web site or contact that companies corporate office to obtain and review their privacy policy.

Server Logs: The company which hosts (currently Budget Hosting Web, a subsidiary of Specialist Web Corporation Pty Ltd.) may keep a server log of visitor information. (as virtually all hosting companies do) The hosting company is responsible for its server log information. If you would like to contact's  hosting company to obtain a privacy policy, you may visit their Web site at .

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