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A Daddy's Love

You Hear So Much About,
Itís The Womanís Choice Today,
But What About The Father,
Doesn't He Have A Say?

For Deep Within Her Body,
There Is A Little Seed,
So What About The Daddy,
Yes What About His Needs.

What If He Wants To Love It
And Make Itís Dream Come True?
What If He Wants To Share,
A Life To See It Through?

Is It Only The Woman,
Who Has The Only Say?
What About The Daddies,
Yes The Daddies Of Today?

For I Do Know Many,
Who Show A Love So Grand.
What About The Choice,
Yes The Choice Of The Man?

Yes There Are So Many,
Who Wish To See Them Grow.
Yes What About The Men,
They Too Have Rights You Know?

This Poem It Has Been Written,
With Everyones Best In Mind.
So What About The Daddies?
Yes It Is High Time!

That The Choice Be Theirs
And Not Only The Motherís.
So What About The Daddy?
What About My Brother?

Written by Cathy Jo Moore
Copyright ©2000 Cathy Jo Moore

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