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My hair is black, my eyes are brown
Mommy, you'd love having me around
It's early yet, the month is one
Though you can't see me yet, I've just begun
One month later, the month is two
I'm still but a part of you
Time is passing the month is three
I'm getting to be someone as you can see
Still so small that I don't have to hide
I'm just a little seed inside
You'll love me mommy, just wait and see
i'm going to make you proud of me....

....I've got a new home now, the month is seven
Mommy didn't want me, so now I'm in heaven
It's so beautiful, but now I'm gone
I have no memory to carry on
If I were still there now the month would be eight
I was murdered by my mommy's own hand
I guess this is too young to understand
Good-bye mommy, the month would be nine
I could've been living just fine
Although I'm in heaven, I still have to cry
Because of mommy, I had to die.

- Unknown Author -

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