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{Excerpt from: The Elliot Institute News (Vol.2, No. 3 -- Feb. 6, 2003). An Email Publication from the Leader in Post-Abortion Research. Visit online at http://www.AfterAbortion.Info}

Cover-Up of the Abortion-Preemie Link is the Real Mystery

The March of Dimes has announced a major fund raising effort to
understand and battle premature deliveries. March of Dimes
medical director Dr. Nancy Green told Time magazine that the 27
percent rise in premature births over the last few decades "is a

Dr. Green's claim that the rise in premature birth rates is a
mystery reflects either a distressing ignorance of the medical
literature or a calculated case of selective recall.

At least 48 published studies have shown significantly higher
risk of premature birth and low birth weight deliveries among
women with a history of abortion.(1-48) One of the best, a
Danish record based study (1), found the risk doubled after just
one abortion. Multiple abortions increase the risk even more. A
doubling of risk among an estimated one-fourth of delivering
women who have a prior history of abortion would result in a 25
percent rise overall.

The only real mystery surrounding the 27 percent rise in
premature delivery rates among the post-Roe generation of women
is why the March of Dimes has failed to call attention to this
major risk factor. Their fact sheets downplay the risk of
abortion, stating only that women are at higher risk of premature
delivery if they "have had more than three abortions or
miscarriages." Other risk factors such as drinking, smoking, and
drug use are also elevated by a history of abortion.

The March of Dimes professes that its position on abortion is one
of neutrality. This is a good position to be in if one is trying
to gather in donations from as large an audience as possible.

But the fact that the March of Dimes encourages prenatal
screening for birth defects that can only be "treated" by
abortion does not support the claim that they are neutral.
Instead, it supports the view that the March of Dimes is
encouraging eugenic targeting of "unfit" children that do not
"deserve to be born." Their refusal to aggressively educate the
public about the role abortion plays in heightening the risk
posed to subsequent pregnancies is another sign that their claim
of neutrality is a just a veneer over a pro-abortion, eugenic-
minded "charity."

According to the March of Dimes, "In 2000, hospital charges for
23,000 prematurity-related infant stays totaled $1.2 billion. The
average charge was $58,000 per baby, compared to $4,300 for a
typical newborn stay."
( Treatment of
these children through employer health plans is estimated at $4.7
billion per year. One fifth of these costs may be is attributable
to extra cases of prematurity arising from abortion-related

Premature birth is the leading cause of neonatal death and is
related to increased risk of cerebral palsy, vision and hearing
loss, retardation and other lifelong health problems.

You can register your complaints about the March of Dimes coverup
by calling 1-888-MODIMES.

The list of 48 studies showing abortion's relationship
to premature birth and low birth rate deliveries compiled by
Brent Rooney can be found at .

Reprinted by permission.
Copyright 2003, Elliot Institute, PO Box 7348, Springfield, IL 62791-7348
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